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Dave Stygall

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News from Canada!

Posted on September 6, 2019 at 8:20 PM

Most of you know that I'm on a kind of hiatus from the usuail world I live in, in that I'm spending almost a month in my native Canada.  Yes, born in Montreal but have lived virtunately across this wide land, from Nova Scotia to Jasper.

A brief stay in Vancouver around 1975 saw me and my good freind Don Cope saw us travel from Montreal to Vancouver.  Little did  know then that the western bug would bite me and wouild see me return for four more seasons at Jasper Park Lodge.  It was this recent return that made all things come true, so to speak, for me.  Sure, a ot of memories from some 40-odd years ago, but a walk up into Staff Services (stil in block C by the way!) and requesting employment information for my 20-year old daughter, made it all so much worthwhie.

But the high light was to meet Don and his wife, after some 45 years of absence!  What an absolute joy!

So I think I may have instilled the image of employement while enjoying so much of the wildlife, culture and life skills that Jasper offers so much.  I don't expect them to make the same kind of convicted encoounters with Nature and the park itself, I'm hoping i've given Sarah and Clancy the impetus to give it a year and see what happens.  A year will come and go none-the-less, but here is a glorious chance to see it come true and chalk it up to experience.

Dave Stygall,

Queensland Australis

JPL staff member 76-77, 79-81

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