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Ella Fitzgerald - Bobby Darin - Tony Bennett
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Dave Stygall

Swing - Easy Listening Crooner

The (somewhat) Complete Song List

I'm always getting asked just what songs I perform, so here it is, in alphabetical order.  The list is not always complete, as I'm continually adding to it, but this will give you an overall idea of what is in my repertoire of songs.  In all, almost 900 songs are represented here, totalling almost 12 hours of continuous play without any more than a second or two between songs, if sung back to back!  This list is my most current list.

Some are performed now and then, others form part of a standard set of songs I sing all the time.  Still others won't be used at specific events, such as songs of heartbreak or "lost love" if I'm performing at a wedding or anniversary, for example.  And then there are doubles - a song may be in one or more arrangements as they've been sung by two or more different artists or in different styles of arrangements - Cheek To Cheek, for example, by Frank Sinatra as well as Ella Fitzgerald, or Night And Day where Frank has two versions of this one song alone.

I make it a point not to perform songs that are morally taboo - songs about adultery, for example are a definite no-no (Me And Mrs Jones), and songs that have derogatory words and/or meanings or are just a little bit too "risqué" or otherwise inappropriate, regardless of the age of those listening.

And of course there are others that are used just for seasonal or special events - Christmas for example, or "Happy Birthday".

Check the AUDIO CLIPS page to stream samples of songs you can listen to directly, with me actually singing.

The BIG BLUE BUTTON below will allow you to download the current list of songs in PDF format for viewing at your leisure! (my most current)